Ground Force 700 MX

Radial Backhoe Tire with Multi-Purpose Tread for Backhoe Loaders, Industrial Tractors

Ground Force 700 is a radial backhoe tire designed for greater load capacity and more comfortable ride versus traditional bias backhoe tires. Increased tread depth, puncture resistant steel belts, and multiple tread options make this the tire of choice for operators looking to get the most out of their backhoe or utility tractor.

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Size Product Code Ply Max Load Capacity (kg @ km/h) Max kPa
405/70R18 TL
6X15143 2575
405/70R20 TL
6X15153 3250
460/70R24 TL
6X15023 4375
500/70R24 TL
6X15113 5000