New Carlisle PAVEMASTER tire for UTV/SxS vehicles

Carlisle launches the new road-friendly Pavemaster® tire for UTV/SxS vehicles!

The new CARLISLE Pavemaster is dedicated to UTV/SxS vehicles, running often on hard-packed surfaces, paved roads. The specially designed tread center zone gives perfect stability on these surfaces while the large space between blocks on the shoulders shoulder steps and deep tread depth helps to perform traction, handling and steering on intermediate surface, with excellent self-cleaning capability. 6 ply construction and belt reinforcement provide protection and increased puncture resistance.

Product Highlights:

  • Continuous center contact patch provides stability while driving on pavement and hard pack
  • Reinforced belts provide increased traction and puncture resistance
  • Directional pattern provides traction in dry off-road and wet conditions
  • Multiple pitch design with siping promotes a quite ride
  • Shoulder steps provide better self-cleaning, improved handling and stability 
  • Flatter center profile for enhanced traction and rounded shoulder for improved steering response

Download the New Pavemaster Press Release now!